The kennel

Now and then we breed a nest and we try to support a responsible spreading of this lovely race. Our dogs are living with us in the house and of course the puppies raise in our home.
We try to socialise the young dogs as good as possible, by letting the get used to other dogs. We go with them on a few car rides and take them to several places, like a shoppping centre, stores and, a garden centre. We also take the puppies to visit family or friends.
At the same time we try to get them clean as much as possible. We also train the young dogs to stand quietly while we are brushing them on the table, for possible dog show visits.
The puppies are being chipped for identificatiion, treated with a fermifuge and they get a puppy grafting when they are 6 weeks old and a second grafting at 9 weeks. Then they are ready to go to the big world and their new owners.