From puppy to growing up to adult

The Tibetan Spaniel may have all colours.
When a puppy is born you can not see what kind of colour he exactly will get.
The colour of a just born puppy is always much darker than the colour of an adult Tibetan Spaniel. If they are six to seven weeks old you can almost see how the colour would be when they are adult, but it is always possible that the colour is sometimes more or less different than you think it would be! Sometimes you think that the puppy will be blonde and when they are adult you see that it has become more like a gold colour. Or you think that the dog is a sable one and when he has grown up you find he is very blonde! With a Particolour dog you see that the spots on the adult dog have become darker sometimes, but it will be always a Particolour. A black & tan puppy stays a black & tan dog.

So, most of the time puppies are lighter of colour too. When they are adults they often change of colour in summer or winter or after they have loose hair. We find them just like magic balls. The sable coloured dogs are changing the colour the most. First they are as puppies very dark and they get a lighter colour and if they are adult they can also be a little darker again. It stays exciting!

The most common colours are:

in the pictures: from every colour, the same dog from a one week old puppy to a 6 weeks old one and then as an adult dog