Champion book

11 pages with champions
for the
Champion book of the Dutch Tibetan Spaniels 2004

1969-2006 -In 2006 the Tibetan Spaniels are for 37 years in the Netherlands.
We made a champion book with all champions of these 37 years: 84 Tibetans.
On every page there is a pedigree of the dog with a picture and other information, such as title, color, date of birth, breeder and owner.
The book is a system of single pages, so that new champions can be easily submitted every year.
The selling price of this book is € 25.00 (excl. mailing costs). If you want only the new 11 pages than € 5.00 (excl. mailing costs)
At dog shows where we are present, we carry a few copies with us for selling, so you can safe the postal costs.

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